Real Time Call Tracking

Tracking the results of your campaigns has never been easier!. We can cover both your local phone numbers and toll free numbers, you will be able to take the pulse of the market in real time and make smarter decisions with your campaign.

No Contracts

We will not tie you with extensive and costly contracts. You can simply select the plan that better adjusts to your business needs. Stop enjoying our services at any time without hidden fees!

Blacklist / Block Calls

Take control of the phone calls you receive and decide which numbers will never reach you. With our blacklist you can restrict individual numbers from communicating with your telephony services, while always keeping track of all calls.

Low Prices

We have different plans and fees based on your corporate needs and budget. You can choose pay as you go based on the consumed minutes and texts.

Easy to Setup

We offer a very simple and quick to implement setup process that can deal with all size of telecon infrasctrcture.

24*7 Hours Support

We have a team of experts waiting for your call 24/7 to help you with any problem or malfunction that may occur at no additional cost. Each and every one of our customers deserves a top-notch quality service.

Delivering Billions of Messages Each Second Become a business with International presence

Engage Your Customers

Granting you new ways to interact with your customers. Ensure deliverability and bulk messaging, broadcast events, app invites, promotions and discounts to keep your customers engaged and involved.

Save Valuable Time

Create automatized groups and lists in which you can access certain customers or businesses in minutes. Stop wasting time when you can contact thousands of customers with just one click.

Increase Revenue

Keep track of your customers, your campaigns and what the market thinks of your products and services. Receive instant feedback and track your collection cycles and revenues.

Voice & Messaging Features Control your telecommunications from your smartphone.

Communicate with anyone in the world, reach a whole new audience, and expand your target market. Give your business the chance to explore new horizons. With OTT telephony services you will be able to exchange messages from anywhere in the world. Being connected has never been easier with our mobile apps and quality carrier networks.

  • Access the global carrier network on the go.
  • Reliable at all times and simple to use.
  • Wide variety of web and mobile apps.

Voice API

  • Make Phone Calls to All countries
  • Phone numbers available in US and Canada
  • Features to build powerful Voice Apps
  • Powerful call routing options
  • Native SIP Support
  • Wholesale pricing from the start


  • Send SMS to all Countries
  • Two-way SMS facility 
  • Automated SMS routing
  • Unicode Support for every language
  • Automatic Long SMS Concatenation
  • Dynamic Sender ID


  • Local Area Numbers
  • Text Messaging
  • Ringless Voice Drops
  • Easy To Generate Call Reports
  • Full Call Recording
  • Custom Features On Demand
  • Call Whisper
  • Do-Not Call List compliance

About Us With a passion for making businesses grow, OTT was born to help others reach their customer base no matter where it is located. By getting together an outstandingly smart team of developers, we set out to build a simple but powerful way to allow a company exponentially amplify its reach and eliminate geographical boundaries.

Our mission is to provide the best and most affordable ways to reach new customers, and allow you stay on top of your campaign with real time stats, giving you extreme control of your marketing investments.
Our vision is to blur out the boundaries that still limit small businesses around the world by empowering them with the necessary tools to break them.


 Stay connected at all times with Global SMS and API SMS from anywhere on the globe.


What are you waiting for? Trust your business telecommunications to us and boost your ROI.


Easy, Fast and reliable. Start now and have your new global carrier network installed and ready to go!

Our Pricing


$ 0.75 /mo

Local USA & Canada Number

$0.75 / Month | $0.0065 / Minute

Voice Premium

$ 4 /mo

Tool Free Numbers

$4 / Month | $0.08 / Minute


$ 2 /mo

Local USA & Canada Number
$0.75 / Month | $0.005 / Message

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic. The format is commonly used on email mailing lists and other online forums, where certain common questions tend to recur.

OTT allows unlimited contacts. You can add as many contacts as you like. OTT will never charge you a per contact fee.
All calls are billed in sixty-second increments, from pickup to hang-up. We bill the length of the call, and not the length of the message that you are sending. This means, for example, that messages left with answering machines will last longer than calls that are answered live. The per-minute cost of the call will depend on the billing plan that you choose.
Yes. The Cloud Call Center is billed at one (1) credit per minute per agent connected to a campaign. OTT bills the duration of the agent calling session, and not the calls we make to your contacts. In addition, any transfers that your agent initiates will also be billed at one credit per minute. As you are billed from the time your agents log in to the time they log out, please make sure that your agents log out of OTT after they have finished calling.
If your allowance reaches 0 credits, your calls and texts will stop. You can upgrade your plan to resume calling, or purchase additional credits at 5¢ per credit.
Of course! When you select a plan upgrade, the new rates will take effect immediately.
If you choose to downgrade your plan, it will take effect at the start of the next billing cycle. Until then, you will continue to be billed at your current plan rate.
Yes. The allowance of minutes you purchase each cycle will expire at the end of the cycle.
Your plan includes calls to the US and Canada. Our legacy platform supports international dialing. For international rates, view our international pricing page for more information. OTT does not currently support international text messages.

Telecommunications Solutions For a Fair Price It has never been easier!

Telephony services have never been so customizable and reliable. With OTT you will be able to gain a global presence while increasing your local presence exactly where you want to be, achieving great conversion rates. It doesn’t matter the size of your business. Be it small or big, we have a plan that certainly adjusts to your needs.


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